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Dear Internet Friend,

If you have embarrassing moles you want to get rid of then this letter is of the utmost importance.

What you are about to read could drastically change your appearance; so much, in fact, that it might even change the way other people look at you and react to you.

Just Imagine Never Being Embarrassed By Another Mole or Wart Ever Again!


  • Having fresh looking, clear, unblemished skin, that people would swear you’d paid thousand for! Everyone would be dying to know your secret. They would think you were kidding when you tell them how simple it is to do.
  • Becoming the popular person you were meant to be when everyone stops staring at you and judging you by your moles and warts. You’ll have to take out a second phone line to handle all the calls.
  • Stopping to look at the mirror every time you pass because you don’t believe the new you. And in the background, seeing people looking at you wishing they had your looks.
  • Bursting out of the shyness bubble that’s held you back because you didn’t want people looking at you. I gotta warn you, people will come up to you and ask why your skin looks so good.
  • Taking all the useless creams that you bought and having a burial ceremony in your backyard. You’ll never need them again and will feel sorry for those who do.
  • Having the complexion of a Hollywood model. Notice how they never seem to have an moles and definitely no warts! Well maybe they use makeup but you’ll never have to try and hide again!
  • Saving a fortune by NOT spending on creams and Doctors and other treatments. You will have more money to go out with all your new friends who are going to want to get to know you better.

Here’s what it’s all about: My name is John Tucker and I am often referred to as the “Mole Man“. Not by choice obviously!

There are a lot of better nicknames I would have chosen – this one chose me.

But first I need to get this off my chest, just so everything is out in the open. I am not a Medical Doctor. In fact I have not received any medical training whatsoever. I am not a expert in any way shape or form.

What I do know is how to sidestep the doctor’s office and the high procedure costs. If you are interested in learning how to naturally remove moles, then the information I reveal in this letter will be the most important secret you will ever discover.


“Removing Moles Without The Use Of Knives, Cosmetic Procedures Or Plastic Surgery!”

When you grab your copy of my downloadable report you will learn closely guarded secrets to Natural Mole Removal!

You will able to completely getting rid of your moles and save yourself hundreds of dollars in medical bills! You will learn exactly what hundreds of people, people just like you, have done to get their normal healthy lives back and stop moles fast! And make sure they never come back!

Here is why I had to publish this report: My childhood was pretty good, I had good friends, was popular in school, got invited to all the parties. Life was good!

Then one day that all changed…

I broke out with a severe case of Flathead warts (I got moles too – that is later in the story) and life as I knew it changed immediately! I now had to live every single day with close to 200 warts across my forehead and face. I felt like I was cursed! To top it off, I had a huge dark brown mole on the side of my nose.

This was when I learned the most valuable lessons life had to offer

When you walk into a room watch every cute guy or girl scan the room. In less than a couple of seconds, they make up their minds about who they want to get to know. If you have a big old mole and a bunch of warts on your face – like the wicked witch of the west – there is no chance they are going to come talk to you!

I hated having my picture taken, I didn’t want any evidence of what I looked like going into family albums or in my friends’ wallets! Imagine if one of them ended up on Myspace or Facebook – tragedy!

This stopped my lifedead in it’s tracks!

“I Stopped Going To Parties… Hanging Out With Friends… My Life Was Ruined!!!”

I hoped and prayed every night that the 200 flat warts on my forehead and big brown mole on my nose would just GO AWAY!!! Probably the worst part was all the well meaning people who said things like, “Life’s about how you feel inside, not outside.” Yeah right!! Like they had a clue what it felt like to live this way.

How Many Expensive, Painful Treatments That Leave The Skin – Scarred And Unattractive Have You Tried?

I have tried them all, from lotions to Plastic Surgery procedures. That is how severely I wanted to look good, to be noticed for my smooth, blemish free skin and not the huge mole on my nose, or the warts on my forehead.

In the process of getting rid of these I tried everything out there.

First there were the special creams they sell on the infomercials (can you say ripoff city?). Then there was “freezing” them off. What kind of sick masochist came up with this? Oh ya, it was developed in the 1800′s – you would think modern medicine would have advanced a little!

Finally we have the plastic surgery route. While effective, it can cost anywhere from $150 to $300 per mole or wart and is incredibly painful! I have had this done and it was like a nightmare. Except I wasn’t sleeping. I was WIDE awake through the whole process.

The doctor took what appeared to be a mini-apple corer and cut out a 1/2 inch plug from my skin. It dug in, grabbed, and then he YANKED it out.! Afterward it took stitches to keep the gaping hole closed and to this day I still carry a nasty, visible scar to remind me of it.

When people are desperate they will try anything. Those were the shoes I was wearing at the time. I HAD to try it all – so I could get rid of the constant reminder I was wearing on my face that I was not the person I wanted to be or knew I could be!

“Serious side effects like scarring and even high medical bills didn’t stop me from doing everything I could do to get rid of my mole problem!”

I somehow felt that having moles was my own fault. It felt terrible to think that I might have done something to deserve this. Like I asked for it to happen to me!

It’s Not Your Fault!

People told me I should wash my face and hands more often. This made me feel dirty. Others told me it was because I needed to wear sunscreen all the time.

One person told me to stop kissing frogs! Give me a break! This was the kind of ridicule I had to live with daily!

Most people just told me to “Live With It!” and that seemed to be my only choice until…

“I Stumbled On The Mole Removal Secret That Got Rid Of My Ugly Unwanted Moles and Warts!”

…here is how it happened!

Every year, I counted the days when I could get out of the small town I grew up in and disappear into the background. I wasn’t sure how that would help with hiding my moles and warts. but I knew I had to get away from all the ridicule and the way everyone judged me.

Having the nickname the “Mole Man” was not how I wanted to live the rest of my life!

I joined the US Navy and got the hell out of there!

It wasn’t until my second year in the Navy that I met my new best friend. As you may know, life on board a Navy ship is a little cramped. You have no privacy, which happened to work out for the best for me.

The guy who bunked next to me (a whole two feet away from my bunk) asked about the huge scar I had, so I told him all about my horrid experience with moles and the painful ways I had undergone to remove them.

I also expressed my frustration over the moles I still had, and that I really didn’t want to go under the knife to get rid of them; to go through all that pain and then deal with the permanent scarring!

He laughed at me! Then, with a huge smile on his face, he quickly reassured me that he wasn’t laughing at me, but at my situation. He said that he used to have moles too, but his grandmother showed him how to get rid of all of them.

without surgery, knives, store bought creams or potions!

My new best friend spent hours with me unloading hours of secrets to get rid of my moles, warts and even skin tags that his naturalist Grandmother had been practicing for years with her family and close friends. I couldn’t believe the possibilities:

I Want You To Relax And Imagine This

For A Moment

Imagine: In just a few short days, you can be well on your way to being mole free, with clear skin, and nothing holding you back from the life you deserve and desire

Imagine: Learning the secrets to 100% all natural mole removal, using only readily available ingredients found in any grocery store


Are you Sick and Tired of Having Moles?

This Is Your Opportunity To Get Rid Of Moles,

Without The Scars And The Misery That Goes With Them!

Once I got my Navy buddy to spill the beans and tell me his Grandmother’s secrets, I began to research and test what he had told me. I was able to discover even more painless methods to quickly remove moles from my body!

I had no idea any of this was possible. If only I had known this years earlier!

Using the techniques I was able to get rid of all my moles; just watch them vanish!

Goodbye Moles. It’s Over!

I set out to compile everything I uncovered in my Mole Liberation Quest. But before I started, I made a list of ” Have To Includes” for my report:

  • Has To Be SAFE. How to safely eradicate moles quickly and easily. (Forget those stressful and time consuming doctors visits, taking time out of your day, missing work. Make your own schedule for your mole removal, on your terms.)
  • Has To Be SUPER EFFECTIVE. The one most effective method to annihilate moles! (There are three that work but one with astonishing effects. This is the one you want.)
  • Has To Provide QUICK RELIEF. Quickly revel in relief that those moles will no longer run your life! (Stop going to sleep dreading about how you can cover up with your wardrobe, or worrying about how people will look at you.)
  • Has To Save You MONEY (Bunches Of It).  Stop spending fortunes on mole removal! (Keep your wallet in your pocket – away from doctors – away from the pharmacist.)
  • Has To Be PAIN FREE Experience how it feels to be “mole free” – “pain free”! (Just call the doctor’s office the “house of pain” – where they pluck moles out like apple cores… enjoy knowing that you will never set foot there again.)
  • Has To Be PRIVATE. What they don’t know won’t hurt them! (Keep your mole removal a secret, no one needs to know how your skin looks so great. Let them be envious!)
  • Has To Be EASY. Astonishing, over-the-counter ingredients you can easily pickup today! (Forget those worthless creams and lotions that just don’t work, grab these easily available items and get started on your own mole erasing program – in the next hour.)
  • Has To Be ALL NATURAL. Amazingly effective all natural methods to safely eradicate your worst and biggest problem mole! (No need to hide these in your medicine cabinet or under lock and key. Every ingredient is 100% natural, totally safe and harmless. In fact you can pull them off the shelf at your local grocery store.)
  • Has To Need NO DOCTORS. Fire your doctor!!! You don’t need one. (Save over 3 times your investment in yourself the first mole you remove. Imagine the money saved on moles number 2 and 3!)
  • Has To Be KNIFE FREE. The only knives you’ll ever need stay in the kitchen. Where they belong! (Forget about busting out he “stainless steel” on your next mole. You can abolish it forever, naturally – with no knives!)

So once all of my “Have To Includes” were addressed I knew I had a hit!  I put this goldmine of information into “Mole Removal Secrets” just for other Mole sufferers.

It reveals the exact step-by-step system that will start you on the road to a new life. Mole Free!

WARNING: The methods in my groundbreaking

report will seem so simple that you are likely

to say “This Can’t Work!

Until I tried every single one of them on myself I felt the same way. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It is one of the easiest things you will ever do.

Better than surgery? I firmly believe so. Here is why: I have gone that route, spent the hundreds of dollars, got the stitches and carry the scars around to this very day. It all equals “NO FUN” Sidestepping the Doctor’s office is a 100% better way to go.

You don’t have to be shot up with needles, experience the mini apple corer plucking out your mole and finally while the doc is tugging at it, having the roots sliced by the surgery scalpel.

How about those creams? For starters, they really don’t work all that well, and by the time you think they might be working at least a little, you run out! They only make them with one purpose, to get you to buy another one, and another, and another… You get the point. What a scam is what I say!

With this report you will be able to eradicate every one of your moles, for less than the price of a pizza. Not just one of them. Every single one of them! The items needed can be found in any corner grocery store, do you have a Walmart close to you? Then that is all you need.

If you’re suffering from Moles and all the other spin off problems that naturally get associated with it, you need to get your hands on a copy of this simply Amazing System!

Some have spent hundreds, some even thousands. Many have certainly spent enormous amounts of time wondering, figuring, and calculating how to rid their lives of this problem.

For the price of a cheap date, or half a tank of gas, tickets to a movie, your Moles can be gone for good…


And if you try my proven methods for removing moles and for some reason it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you your money back, and you get to keep “Mole Removal Secrets”. But don’t take my word for it.

Look At What Some Happy Customers Had To Say About Mole Removal Secrets

I didn’t think gathering up supplies from my grocery store and using them to remove moles would ever work. But now, after two weeks, I am almost completely mole free (which, if you saw me before, you would think was crazy!) I almost didn’t buy your guide. Thank goodness I was having a sleepless night and just decided, why not?!
Kathy McHanney, South Carolina
If anyone asks you if this really works tell them to take it from me. It works. This picture was taken before I used your method. That mole on the side of my nose? GONE! Now you see why I’m so convinced!
Jack Tormey, New Orleans
It’s gone! It’s gone! It’s gone! The ugly mole on my face is GONE!! No scar, no blemish, no sign that it was ever there. I can’t thank you enough!
Deb Schmidt, Texas
I have to admit that I was skeptical before I tried your method on several warts on my body. I had tried all kinds of treatments to remove them before I found your website. I am very happy to report that in less than three weeks after I put your system to use, all my warts were gone. Thanks for an amazingly easy, natural way to get rid of those unsightly annoyances.
Trey, Montreal
I tried a few of your tricks and was unhappy with the results. I was considering asking for a refund when my inner Jiminy Cricket told me to REALLY use your method. I did. Boy, was I silly for not going all the way the first time. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t expensive and it wasn’t unpleasant. I am really, really pleasantly surprised and happy to be mole free
Janis Colleen, Saginaw Michigan
My doctor almost had me talked into surgery. I was actually researching mole removal surgery on the internet when I came across your book. I ordered it thinking that it probably wouldn’t work but the surgery was already scheduled and your ad said that I could get rid of moles in three days. I couldn’t resist showing up at the doctors office on surgery day – mole free – and telling him that you might put him out of business.
Bruce Bryant, Alaska
Truth is truly stranger than fiction. I can’t believe I’m writing this. I had big, ugly moles on my arms to the point that I always wore long sleeves. Seeing a doctor was out of the question since there were so many and I knew it would be expensive. On a whim I ordered your book and tried the methods on just a few moles. That was a week ago. Now I’m working on the rest. WOW! is all I can say.
Neal Jacob, Waukesha WI

If After Using Mole Removal Secrets, You Don’t Have Clearer, More Radiant and Fresher Looking Skin Than You Ever Dreamed Possible, You Get A Quick 100% No-Hassle Refund!

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you have put at least one of these all natural methods to work in this guide and are not happy for whatever reason at all, simply send me a email and I’ll cheerfully refund 100% your money with the click of a button.

You’ve got a full 90 days to try out the material. This is a “no questions asked, no fuss” money-back guarantee.

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Mole Removal Secrets + All The Additional Bonuses To Live A Happier Healthier Life For A One Time Payment Of Only $27.97

“Now At This Point You Have 2 Options:”

  • Option #1: Keep Getting Moles And Paying Fortunes For Them To Be Removed! If you decide not to invest in reading my report you will be stuck taking those awful antibiotics or medication and they will just make the situation worse! Let’s not forget that you will spend an absolute fortune in medical visits and surgeries within the next year if you keep getting moles! You will not get to the source of the problem. Your health and the way people treat you will get worse.

  • Option #2: Invest In A Copy Of My Report And Say Goodbye To Your Moles Using A Healthy All Natural Remedy! When you grab your copy of my downloadable report you will learn the closely guarded secrets to completely get rid of your moles and save yourself hundreds of dollars in medical bills! You will learn exactly what hundreds of people just like you have done to get back their normal healthy life and stop moles fast! And make sure they never come back!

Look at it this way – $27.97 really is a drop in the bucket compared to the confidence you will have By Taking Control of Your Life Again! Isn’t It?

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YES! I’m EXCITED to get my very own copy of the amazing all-natural Mole Removal Secrets e-book, and I know there’s no time to lose. I understand Mole Removal Secrets is based on all natural methods to permanently remove those unsightly moles…without Knives, scalpels, doctors offices or surgery!

YES! I understand that when I get Mole Removal Secrets I’ll also get the following bonuses reports absolutely free:

  • Bonus # 1 “47 Herbal Remedies”
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  • Bonus # 4 “Holistic Healing Secrets”
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John the “Mole Man” Tucker

P.S. We can teach you how to naturally get rid of most skin irregularities on your body and prevent them from returning!

P.P.S. This honestly is the easiest, most hassle-free way to completely eliminate your problems with moles. And isn’t that what you really want?

P.P.P.S. Remember, there’s absolutely no risk involved. You have a full 90 days to try out the remedy! If you put this remedy to the test and find out that it doesn’t work for you, just email me letting me know and you’ll receive a full refund!

And if it works for you, well, you can still ask for a refund if you are not at all satisfied, but really, what’s $17.97 to never have to worry about moles again?

I promise this will change your life. It did for these satisfied customers:

After having surgery to remove a mole, I decided I would never do that again. It was painful and expensive and no matter what they say I DID have to take a day off work. So when I saw your guide I thought it was worth a try. I am happy to say that I am completely free of moles and skin tags. Wish I had tried this first.
Name Withheld

Hey! Your book was the value of a lifetime. It was cheap considering that I did not go and have my moles on my chest surgically removed. You can be assured that I will recommend your guide to all of my friends.

In 3 days the mole that had been bothering me was gone. And I don’t have to worry about the others. I know how fast and easy it is to get rid of them!
Chris Leach, La Follette

You have nothing to lose!

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“Discover How Using 3 Easy to Find, Cheap-As-Heck Ingredients Found in Most Grocery Stores Will Completely Eliminate Your Unsightly Moles Within The

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